Wanna see me make an ass of myself?

Now you can, and in a new and exciting way! I will be singing at St. Savior Church in Park Slope this Sunday, January 28 from 2:30-3:30pm. I know, I know, you all thought I was too cool for school and would never voluntarily get on a stage and utter such words as, “Trust and never doubt, Jesus will surely bring you out – he never failed me yet!” or “There’s lots of fish in Bonavist’ harbor, catch-a-hold this one, catch-a-hold that one” or “Pleni sunt coeli et terra, gloria gloria tuam.” But I promise I’m going to this Sunday! Come and see 🙂 It’s your last chance to see it, because after this semester I realized that I USED to enjoy singing in a choir, but the trip down memory lane was more of a drag race than a Sunday drive.

Directions: Take the F to 7th Ave. If coming from Manhattan or points north, try to be at the front of the train. You’ll exit at 8th Ave/9th Street. Walk down 8th Ave and see St. Savior’s Church at 6th Street.

I think I’m going with the previously-posted design for my business card (with some minor font and layout changes). Nobody seems to have any strong feelings about it, but since I’m not really a branding expert I’m going to say that the lack of negative feedback is as good a response as I’m going to get. Some of you have requested a stack of cards to distribute to friends and loved ones. (I also recommend giving them to enemies. Enemies need websites, too!) Just give a heads up and send me your snail mail address if you still want ’em. I should be getting them back from the printer in the next two weeks.

ATLARGE2007, where are you? Jodi’s triumphant return to poker is coming in March. Until then, poker content for this blog is a pipe dream. Unless Jeff and Lauri host another game at their house sometime soon………..

Have a great week, all!