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Eyjafjallajökull to mankind: “Kiss my ash”

Nothing like a volcanic eruption to demonstrate how insignificant we really are. Thankfully, Eyjafjallajökul chose to teach us this lesson two months before I’m scheduled to fly to the States for my brother’s wedding. So far, Barcelona’s airport remains open, but the ash cloud is drawing menacingly closer. I suppose it will clear up by June…

UPDATE [two minutes after original post]: Barcelona area airports are now closed after shifting winds bring ash cloud to Catalonia. Well played, Eyjafjallajökul.

Eyjafjallajokul volcano

Three positive effects of this event are (1) the temporary reduction in carbon emissions from heavy air travel (2) the increased interest in learning how to pronounce Icelandic words and (3) the convoluted tales of the journey home that travelers will be sharing with friends and family for years to come.

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Dear Ash,

Seriously, clear out of there before June! 🙂


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