Catalunya Life


Here are some rarely seen photos of my first trips to Barcelona.

guell1999 (senior year of high school)

Some things to notice:

  • It is no longer possible to be alone in a picture of the dragon statue at Parc Güell.
  • I used to drink Pepsi?! That’s just wrong.
  • I loved that army jacket. It had a fantastic liner and I was always warm in winter.

guell22002 (junior year of college)

Did you notice?

  • Still not too many tourists.
  • I was favoring this long black pea coat (which I wore until it was threadbare)
  • My hair was wicked long!
  • Extra credit if you knew I still have these grey slacks, and that they still fit!

For comparison I fearlessly offer these more recent images.

guell3January 2008

guell09January 2009

This is January, people! What are you all doing in Barcelona? Don’t you know it’s not tourist season yet? Now I will have to find somewhere else for my annual navel-gazing, existential self-portrait project. At one point it got really out of hand. Look how this local man jumped right into the photo!

guell5January 2009 (with sketchy local)

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PUT THAT MAN DOWN! You don’t know where he has been!

Really enjoying your blog – say Hi to Oscar.

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