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Off to the land of lard

I don’t know why all of my trips to the US end up being one big eating bonanza, but I’m going to try to keep it under control this time. Operación bikini could be over before it even begins…

Heading to Niskayuna tomorrow, then Brooklyn next week. Between the Gershons chopped liver, the Johnny Macks burgers, and the wedding feast, it’s a gauntlet of decadent delights. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

I will surely post something during my days in the US, but to tide you over, why not check out this website to preview some of the foods I will try to avoid on my trip.

Have a great weekend everybody!

3 replies on “Off to the land of lard”

Don’t forget to bring back some sour cream…so we can dip it next time!
And keep your bikini in mind…it works for avoiding fat delights!

haha! me too jodi, me too. my favourite thing of all though is that americans serve soda with a glass full of ice rather that two sad little cubes. have a root beer for me.

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