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Sant Jordi Bookshelf

Sant Jordi bookshelf

Òscar and I took a walk on the Rambla de Catalunya and bought us some books to celebrate Sant Jordi. The titles we selected were Crònica de la independencia by Patrícia Gabancho and Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Quick, can you guess which one was for him and which one was for me??

books and roses

I also had ordered two books for us that I saw on The Colbert Report (which is my number one source for literary review). These were The Thirteen American Arguments by Howard Fineman and Society Without God by Phil Zuckerman.

but mostly books!

But wait! There’s more. Last week Aunt Ruthie gave us a copy of A Prayer for Owen Meany” by John Irving. On top of that, a free copy of Michael Crichton’s Next (translated into Catalan…yay?) came with our copy of the “Avui” newspaper. So it looks like we’re set for reading material for a while. (Maggie, you are always welcome to send us your cast-offs…)

gimeno bookfest