Design USA

Simpsons stamps? That almost makes me happy to buy stamps.


If you live in the US and you still send snail mail, you can now pimp your envelopes with portraits of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, or Maggie. While many fans argue that the show has been waning (starting perhaps in season nine), as an American institution and cultural touchstone it certainly deserves a series of commemorative stamps. POST OFFICE PRESS RELEASE

Here in Barcelona, I am treated to two Simpsons episodes per day on SONY Neox. Episodes are dubbed in Spanish (meh) but sometimes have an English language audio option (yay!).  Frankly some of the humor just doesn’t work in Spanish, although the voices are pretty close to the English-language voices. How do you translate Mr. Burns’ 1920s anachronisms, or Moe’s inner suffering? Although it is fun to see how they translate Ned’s quaint expressions.

“Doh!” is the same in every language.