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A very special opportunity to see James Taylor perform at Palau de la Música, Barcelona. May 4, 2012. Here are some photos we took from our seats…And here is a video someone posted on YouTube (hope JT doesn’t mind). For this tour he’s only got two other musicians with him on stage, so he’s using […]


Norah Jones sings the cagatió song (btw cagatió means pooping log)

In case you were looking for a version of the traditional Christmas song about the cagatió, sung by Catalan children while they hit a log with a stick, performed by Norah Jones with accompanying illustrations and English translation…Anthony Bourdain’s Christmas special provides just that. HT @bhasday

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It’s puzzling

I’ve been doing the New York Times crossword puzzle every day for almost three years now. For those without the attention span for the wonderful documentary on the subject, Wordplay (2006), here is a short video clip from the Today show featuring an interview with the puzzlemaster himself, Mr. Will Shortz. Perhaps most puzzling of […]