The Museum of Lost Professions

The most popular sketch comedy show in Catalunya is called Polònia (Poland). Don’t ask me why, I still haven’t figured that part out. Much of the humor requires the viewer to have extensive knowledge of local figures and politics (not to mention language). For example, recurring characters on the show are the “visionary” chef from El Bulli, the Spanish defense minister, and Tomàs Molina (the gregarious weatherman from our evening news broadcasts).

Some humor transcends national boundaries. Example: the global financial meltdown. In this video, a museum tour guide educates future museum-goers about the lost profession of banking. No knowledge of Catalan is required to enjoy it. So whoever you are, enjoy!

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Hi, Jodi!

The comedy show name, Polònia, comes from the fact that Catalan people are known by some people of the rest of Spain as “polacos” (Polish).

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