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Happy Purim!


I dedicate many entries to showing my American friends and family snapshots of Catalan culture. I don’t want my Catalan friends and family to feel short-changed, so here is a brief look at Purim, a Jewish holiday that is virtually unknown in Barcelona. As far as I know, anyway. (Anyone seen the Purim party bus around?)

In Barcelona, it’s quite easy to miss the Jewish holidays. Without my trusty Jewish holiday calendar on gmail, I would never know the correct dates for celebrating them.

It’s also difficult to find supplies for the traditional customs associated with each holiday. Still looking for a chanukiah, three months after the fact. (We tried to procure one at the only synagogue I know of in the city, but to no avail.) So not surprisingly, finding decent hamantashen and Queen Esther costumes is a challenge.

Let’s learn English!

Me·gil·lah (m-gl) n.

1. Judaism The scroll containing the biblical narrative of the Book of Esther, traditionally read in synagogues to celebrate the festival of Purim.
2. megillah Slang A tediously detailed or embroidered account: he told us the whole megillah.

[Hebrew mgillâ, scroll, from glal, to roll; see gll in Semitic roots.]

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