Catalunya Food

This year, I am thankful for canalons


After a year of married life in Barcelona, it’s time for turkey and pumpkin pie (if the flu will let me keep it down). Before that though, a quick thank you to friends Gemma and Anton, owners and rock star chefs of Els Tremolencs restaurant in la Garriga, who closed down their dining room last weekend to feed a pile of buddies a feast of canalons, roast chicken, and chocolate mousse cake.

Somehow I lucked into this crowd, so I guess as they say here I must have una flor al cul. That’s Catalan slang for being lucky (literally, I have a flower in my butt). In a few days I will have a turkey in my stomach. That’s American slang for Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

canalons2Anton’s canalons. Boom.