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Books and Roses

For Sant Jordi we went to Barnes and Noble in Lincoln Center and enjoyed some Catalan music and snacks, and of course, books and roses. We also met some new friends belonging to the Catalan-American dating network and had a late afternoon brunch at Cafe Mozart. (Stay away from the mimosas – they contain pulp! the horror!) Also, for anyone who hasn’t visited the uptown B&N, you really need to check it out. It’s five floors of heaven.

Although the Sant Jordi book-giving tradition starting as a marketing gimick, I have to say that I find it much more satisfying to exchange books than candy as we do on Valentine’s Day (also a marketing gimick).

In other news, Endy Chavez gets a gold star for the day.

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Hi Jodi,

As Oscar does not post a word, I read you and keep his path… 😉

Sounds good the meal at MERCAT, but keeping up with the Sant Jordi tradition its a must for us (catalans).

I have to tell i’m quite sad for having him so far from us, but very happy for him for having found someone like you!

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