Catalunya Food

Colors and Flavors of Sant Jordi

I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather this Thursday for Sant Jordi. I’m sure all the booksellers and rose peddlers were glad to see blue skies all day and big crowds mobbing their stalls. Here’s a look at some of what was going on around the city.

Showing our stripes

The city gets dressed up to celebrate its patron, Saint George (aka, Sant Jordi).

Open house at city hall

The city hall (ajuntament) is open to the public all day, so I got to see everything from the mayor’s desk (suspiciously neat) to the ancient council chamber. All of this is usually closed to everyone but city officials, so it was a rare treat to explore the place.

More treats

Everywhere I went it seemed there was something special to snack on. Sant Jordi cakes, Sant Jordi bread…Sant Jordi on a stick! Feast your eyes, or if you are in Barcelona, grab some Sant Jordi doughnuts on clearance!