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Save the Pickles


It has recently been brought to my attention that business at the Lower East Side’s pickle emporiums is souring in the current economic climate. This is purely unacceptable. People, if you are not buying a quart of pickled product at least once a month, I don’t know why you bother living in the New York metro area.

Pickles are a staple of the New York deli scene. For my ancestors in Eastern and Central Europe, pickling was a pretty damn important practice that ensured there would be something to eat in the winter. Today we enjoy the vinegary fruits of their constant struggle against starvation as a delightful accompaniment to sandwiches and burgers. And if you’re me, you eat them straight out of the pickle juice as a snack any time of day. I know this is not particularly socially acceptable. I’m prepared to lose some friends over it.

But for some mind-boggling reason, you New Yorkers are not taking full advantage of the wonderland of pickled treasures at your disposal! Personally, I would pack my fridge full of the newest, most garlicky, cucumbery kosher dills on a regular basis, but sadly I have yet to find them in BCN. What is your excuse, New York?

Perhaps you need some help finding these pickle havens. Here is where you go:

Guss’ Pickles
85 Orchard St., New York, NY 10002
nr. Broome St.

You can also buy them at Whole Foods, but don’t be lame. Go to the source! (Although, in true New York/Jewish fashion, there is an on-going dispute about the source of WF’s “original Guss’ Pickles.”)

If you live in Nisky, I can’t imagine you don’t know about Gershon’s on Union Street. Tony has the best kosher dills in town. I eat six of them every time I make the trip upstate. My breath stinks for days. It’s fantastic.


Need further inspiration? Have a look at this slideshow of provocative pickle pics at the New York Times. Then, go to Orchard Street and buy two quarts of pickles. Keep one to enjoy yourself and ship one to me. In this way we can keep the tradition of pickles alive on the LES and in our bellies. Everybody wins!

NYT Slideshow

4 replies on “Save the Pickles”

Truly, the most captivating and enthusiastic display of pickle love to ever be put into written text. I laughed, I cried, I was tempted to go buy pickles.

Except that I hate pickles.

It’s a shame that you hate pickles. Give them another chance! You’re missing out on a whole world of goodness.

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